This is not a casino site. It is a game for erotic games enthusiast. We do not allow to cash out.

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The next draw schedule is August 30, 2019.

About us

Operation Policy

GSPOTSLOTS is planning, developing, trading and providing online gaming platform(hereinafter referred to as the "Service" ) by MAR Dragao Asia Ltd. ( hereinafter abbreviated as "Company" ) .
The Company is seeking to provide various game services smoothly, formulated the following GSPOTSLOTS operating policies ( hereinafter referred to in this policy )
Also, operating team who provide various GSPOTSLOTS's game service and follow this policy called "Operations Bureau".
Operations Bureau will uphold the spirit of perfection and continuing to enhance the quality of this service. To give the pleasant manner so that each customer can be satisfied when using the service.

Operation Policy

1. The purpose of the policy is to provide quick response and consistent support for the games of GSPOTSLOTS. Any problems that occur in the games or on the services in GSPOTSLOT will follow this policy to provide assistance as well.

2. Operations Bureau to follow the demand on the substantive content of this policy change , and should implement the announcement for change matters on the official website . Customer shall regularly click through official website announcement , confirmed modify the contents of this policy. If customer does not confirm the content of the announcement of the policy , resulting in damage to the interests of its clients are circumstances occur , the operating party will not take any responsibility for the loss .

3. If the Company confirms the customer's behavior has violated the norms of the policy , the company can make a warning or take relevant necessary measures to customer. If the customer keep violating the policy after acceptance of the warning or related measures , the Company is entitled to stop the customers of the company's various services.

4. Other matters do not expressly set forth in this policy is in accordance with " Terms of Use" to deal with.

Customer Assistance Matters

If customers have found this service is defective or other problems , please do not inform other customers hurried unauthorized or illegal abuse. Please report immediately to Operations Bureau for processing. Once the company found customers aware of defects or problems , did not inform the operating Affairs , but to others first , or unlawful misuse , it will implement the relevant sanctions measures against the customer's account .

Be sure to keep your own strict login ID and password and other account information . When the customer does not perfectly custody account information , leads the account to the occurrence of the problem , Operations Bureau may not provide support services for the customer's account.

The Company is seeking fair and perfectly able to provide various services , in addition to the above matters will meet from time to time ask the customer assistance related matters , will bother customers for assistance to the Company. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Personal Data Protection

The company in the planning for a variety of smart phones , PC , development, and e-commerce that received all the personal data protection, compliance with the protection of individual rights and personal data and other relevant laws . Which established specific programs of personal data management system , continuous improvement in the latest IT technology trends , changes in social needs and the changing business environment , the whole company are in this declaration .

1. Personal data obtained , the usage and provision
Personal information only legitimate service processes on the final version of the company to acquire, use and provide , in addition to the extent necessary under the specific purpose. The personal data is not forced to be acquired.

2. Obey Law
Comply with relevant laws and regulations to protect personal data by countries that have developed guidelines and other specifications .

3. Improve Preventive Measures
For outflow , omission, loss and other risk profile , establish reasonable safety preventive measures , with the business conditions added business resources to make personal information security system continued to progress , and will quickly take emergency measures when the accident occurred .

4. Appeals and Questions
For information about the personal treatment of complaints and questions, the company will respond to the needs quickly and sincerely.

5. Personal Data Protection Management System
On personal data protection management system of the company understand environmental changes. Company will maintain continuous to improve appropriately.