This is not a casino site. It is a game for erotic games enthusiast. We do not allow to cash out.

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The next draw schedule is August 30, 2019.

Q1. How to start to play the slot games?

A. You need to have points to play.

Q2. How to earn points?

A. To earn points, You have to buy items in the shop. To go to shop, click the "SHOP" button on the top menu. If you want to buy, click the wallpaper image you want and click the "BUY NOW WITH" button. When the payment screen is displayed, enter your Mpoket account ID and Password and press the "Submit" button.

Q3. Can i withdraw my points?

A. You cannot withdraw points. You can only use your points to apply for a lottery ticket, when you have over 10000 points.

Q4. How can I apply for the lottery?

A. Click the "Shop" button at the top of menu and click on the "BUY NOW" button on ITEM SHOP.
You need to have exact or more than amount of points to apply for a lottery ticket.
(Your application to the lottery will not process if you do not have enough points.)

Q5. How can I request reset password?

A. If you have forgotten your login password, You have to send us " your name, username and registered email address to [email protected]