This is not a casino site. It is a game for erotic games enthusiast. We do not allow to cash out.

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The next draw schedule is August 30, 2019.

How to earn the game points?

  1. Choose and buy the wallpaper that you like to gain the game points
  2. Confirm there is showing the wallpaer that you pick under "Item Shop". Make sure the amount and game points that you will get and click ▼ aside with "Buy Now With" to proceed pay out.
  3. Please choose Paypal or Mpoket to pay the order
    If choose Mpoket to process,
    Please enter the account numbers and passwords and click "Sumbit"
    If choose Paypay to process,
    Please Click "Pay with my Paypal Account" in Paypal payment page. Enter your Paypal account numbers and passwords.
Hentai Panties
Size: 1920x1200
Price : ¥500.00
Game Point:500